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The Karen Street Children's Trust is run by a group of friends who are trying to help some of the most disadvantaged children living in the Karen suburb of Nairobi by offering education and support through to adulthood. We depend on donations and sponsorship, and the number of children we are able to take on each year is dependent on this. 


Since we take on children in the greatest need, each sponsored child is provided with everything they need; school fees, uniform, shoes, books, toiletries, and transport and pocket money. Our students also gather in the school holidays for tuition groups, career and inspirational talks, general social activities and a hearty lunch. Catherine, our wonderful administrator provides pastoral care and psychological support for all. The cost to provide all this for a sponsored child is £750 per year and secondary schooling is four years in Kenya. 

All our students are sponsored either by individuals, companies or groups of friends. We contact each sponsor at the end of each term and send school reports, our assessment of the term's achievements and a letter from the student. 


Post secondary school all students undertake three months of community service which may be in schools for the disabled, with the Red Cross, as teacher's assistants in their old primary school or in various other projects. During this time we support them with transport money and basic essentials. Throughout we assist and advise on career decisions and aim to put every student through tertiary education realising that just a secondary school education does not equip a child for any sort of meaningful future employment. Depending on academic achievement and personal ambitions this further education may be a university degree course, a diploma course or possibly vocational training. 


Since tertiary education is costly this is usually funded from our general funds.


We welcome all sorts of donations as full sponsorship, part-sponsorship, from fund-raising activities or in any way possible. 

We also seek to raise funds at no cost to the donor from online purchases through EASYFUNDRAISING and SMILE.AMAZON and would beg anyone interested in supporting us to raise money in this way. 

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