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Children's Stories



Elizabeth comes from one of the most deprived homes we have visited. She lives with her single mother and two sisters in a tiny shack but had excelled in school. There was no way that her mother could afford any secondary fees but we took her on in January 2019 and she has already done really well in her first year. We are proud of her achievements. 



In January 2019 we thought we had completed our gruelling selection process when we came to hear about Joyce. She had completed her primary schooling with excellent marks and gained admission to one of Kenya's top secondary schools but her mother had no hope of raising the fees. She was wandering around the village asking all and sundry for help, putting herself in a vulnerable situation. ​

We interviewed her and were very impressed with her bright spark and determination. We agreed to add her to the list even before finding a sponsor and rushed to provide all that she needed. She has now rewarded us all with top marks in her new school.  



Caleb came to us in 2016, tiny for his age, and living in a borrowed shack with his older brother.  His mother had died and his father had brought Caleb and his older brother to Nairobi but then left them both. One of our graduates lived nearby, started feeding the boys and brought them to our attention. Their only contact with their father since his departure was Kshs 200.- (£1.50) sent at Christmas!
Caleb has been a joy to help, always cheerful and hard-working. He will complete secondary school in 2019.



​Lena joined us in 2014 when she came to us for help. We found her living with her single mother and 3 year old sister in one spotless small room in obvious dire poverty. 
Lena had attended her local Government School.  She obtained good marks at the end of her primary education, however it was clear that there would be no chance of her mother affording to send her to secondary school.
We have been delighted with the way she has blossomed and matured. She completed her four years of secondary, obtained a B Grade, and was deputy President in form 3 and President in Form 4.
Lena wanted to study something in the medical field and has now joined the Kijabe Hospital School of Health Sciences to study Nursing. I have no doubt that she will make a a compassionate and caring  nurse.



Margaret's parents are both casual labourers and struggle with poverty. When Margaret came to us her mother had given up hopes of sending her to high school and had even secured employment for her as a house help, despite her high score in her primary school exams (368/500). We struggled to raise sponsorship and she eventually joined Gatanga High School two weeks late.  She scored a B+ in her school-leaving exams and joined Kenyatta University for a degree in Environmental Science. She is now working in Karen at Lantern Training as a Training Coordinator and has enrolled her younger brother in a day high school.



​​William was on of our early recruits, and was certainly a challenge! Headstrong, streetwise and full of charm he had been "panhandling" in the shopping centre washing cars, having dropped out of primary school in year 6. He agreed to go back to school and completed both primary and secondary school before doing computer studies and qualifying as a beautician. He then joined a solar energy company as a procurement officer before being recruited in 2009 by Governors' Camp and now works as a respected  Operations Manager in Rwanda. William's oldest son is now completing secondary schooling at his old school. He has really transformed his life and that of his family. 

We are proud of his achievements.

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